Sarahloo! (sarahloo) wrote in wildfoods,

Nettle soup...

I've often used nettles in cookery - they're so common and nutritious - but I'd never made classic nettle soup until this evening.

My recipe was slightly adapted from the one in Roger Phillips' wonderful book "Wild Food" - and consisted of onion, leek, garlic, potatoes, veg stock, black pepper, and of course nettles. It was cheap, quick, easy, really nice to eat, and I'll certainly make it again!

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I didn't really measure anything, I think the ratio is kinda flexible.
I chopped and fried one large onion, one leek and one clove garlic, added one giant chopped-up spud, a colander full of nettle tips, about a litre of veg stock, boiled for a bit, whizzed-up with hand-blender and added pepper to taste. Served with a bit of cream. That's it! :)
I haven't had nettle soup in ages. Must get round to having some, this is a timely reminder of how tasty it is, thanks!

That's the recipe I always use, and it's lovely :)