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small picture of my blackberry bush , click @ my journal for pictures of some raspberry/blackberry marmelades I made :) 


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They look delicious! I miss the blackberries we used to have in the yard when we lived in VT! Good thing we are moving back!
I love blackberries, I usually froze them or make a cheese cake with them :)

Good luck with moving :D
Blackberries are wonderful. I no longer go after the wild ones but do have a good sized patch of domestic berries. They are not as tasty as the wild ones but are large and beautiful. I am currently gathering about a quart a day. Not much by some standards but it will keep a two-person household for months. I freeze most of them and will make a batch of jam. We eat them fresh and with milk and some sugar.
I find that I am biased toward blackberries, even though I really prefer raspberres, because of so many good memories of going gathering with a horde of cousins and aunts and uncles. Mom and her sisters would spend hours in my grandfather's kitchen canning them and making jam. They divided up the spoils at the end of a day. Most of those hedgerows and patches have been destroyed now as the fields are farmed from edge to edge. Things change.
Your berries and preserves are beautiful! I'm trying not to be jealous ;)