greg_andrea (greg_andrea) wrote in wildfoods,

Creeping Charlie / Ground Ivy

The "weed" I questioned about yesterday, appears very very much to be "creeping Charlie" also known as ground ivy.

Neat info:

" Creeping charlie's medicinal qualities have been known since at least the days of ancient Greece and Rome. Galen, for instance, recommended creeping charlie for inflamed eyes, and English herbalist, John Gerard (1545-1607) recommends ground ivy for ringing in the ears, according to, "A Modern Herbal." The same source reports the medicinal properties of ground ivy as being "diuretic, astringent, tonic and gently stimulant. Useful in kidney diseases and for indigestion."

Never is it wise, however, to ingest any plant, medicinal or otherwise, without first becoming thoroughly informed about its properties"


"you may be unaware that it is only a particular part of the plant that can safely be ingested -- whether as an herbal remedy, a food, or a drink."
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