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Moral Mushrooms

Deer Women » Blog Archive » Morel Mushrooms

There is a great article written here on foraging mushrooms and preparation.

"This fungal favorite has been close to my heart, (or palate…) for many years now. The sponge-looking morel has been described as having a nutty or fishy taste, though I would say “woodsy” is more appropriate, however the descriptions seem to serve for distinguishing it from milder (more lackluster) mushrooms. Highly sought-after and hunted yearly, the morel is a culinary favorite and its hunters aren’t at all likely to tell you where they find their yearly harvest. Though occasionally found in grocery stores in dried form, you may be able to find the mythical morel in your own area, depending on climate and natural conditions. It will be significantly less expensive, as well, as the mushrooms generally are a bit on the pricey side. However, if you’re looking for something native, yet exotic- it is ideal, and a true gastronomical delight."
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