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Wild Foods

Eat Your Weeds!

the wild foods community
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This community was created to explore the subject of wild foods - for those who are planning a long trek through wilderness, or simply want to start eating the weeds in their garden instead of digging them up.

The primary focus of this group will be discussion on edible plants, wildflowers, berries, trees, nuts, seaweed and other flora that grow wild in nature. Other topics may include places these edible wild foods are found, descriptions and comparisons of flavors, and how to prepare those foods in various recipes or forms (making grain from seeds, jellies/jams, etc.). Although this will be primarily devoted to plants/nuts/berries, other food sources can definitely be discussed (e.g. mushrooms, hunting, fishing, etc.)

Also, of special note will be poisonous species that can cause severe dietary distress, harmful allergic reactions, or even death.

Please note that this journal/community is merely to document web links, historical uses of plants as food (e.g. Native American methods), and personal experimentation with wild foods. We are by no means experts in wildlife identification. Proper identification should always be made before eating something you find in the wild. If you're just starting out eating wild foods and are unsure of the food's proper identification, do not eat it, or you could get very sick and possibly die!